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In late 2023, the cryptocurrency world was rocked by reports of a new scam targeting Gemini users. The fraudulent website, “,” claimed to offer a way for users to withdraw their Gemini Earn balance, but instead appeared to be a cunning phishing attempt. In this comprehensive investigation, we will explore the complaints and analyses surrounding to determine whether it is a legitimate entity or a fraudulent scheme. Our sources include reports from Reddit, scam watchdog websites, and crypto forums.

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First Reports Emerge on Reddit

The first whispers of’s nefarious activities came to light on Reddit. In a post on the r/Gemini subreddit in mid-October 2023, a concerned user shared a screenshot of a text message they had received, claiming that their “Gemini Earn balance is now available to withdraw” on the suspicious domain. Several users in the comments section shared similar experiences, and their collective suspicion helped to alert the broader Gemini community to the potential new phishing threat.

Website Triggers Scam Warning Signs

Upon visiting, a series of major red flags quickly became apparent, according to analyses by reputable websites., for instance, assigned the site an abysmal trust score of just 3%. This poor rating was based on several alarming findings, including the use of privacy protection to hide the website’s ownership and a focus on optimizing the site for search engine rankings related to Gemini, rather than providing genuine trading services. Other cryptocurrency scam databases, such as Scamwatcher, also classified as a fraudulent entity impersonating a legitimate exchange.

Suspicious Activity Patterns Observed

Forums like BitcoinTalk played host to discussions that warned users to steer clear of due to unusual behavior. The website, despite lacking Gemini’s permission or affiliation, boldly claimed to offer Gemini services. Users noted the site’s reliance on spamming techniques, such as SMS and email outreach, despite Gemini never using these methods. Cybersecurity experts who joined the discussions confirmed that the website’s activity pattern mirrored classic phishing techniques employed in previous cryptocurrency schemes.

Design Seems Targeted at Deception

A fundamental objective of phishing websites is to mimic authentic platforms through deceptive design. took great care to mirror Gemini’s signature blue color scheme and prominently featured the company’s trademarked logo. It was only in the fine print that the site discreetly disclaimed any association with Gemini. In-depth analyses, including video examinations, revealed that the website had no actual functionality; it simply presented webpages that prompted users to enter their personal details into non-secure forms. This false branding was a blatant attempt to deceive unsuspecting users who were responding to the urgent-sounding “withdraw now” phishing lures.

Common Scam Tactics at Play

Several familiar scam tactics were at play with, including:

  • Impersonating a legitimate business through branding: The website used Gemini’s branding elements to deceive users.
  • Creating a false sense of urgency: Users were prompted to “withdraw balances” urgently to increase the likelihood of action.
  • Utilizing spam messages: The website relied on unsolicited SMS and email messages, a tactic not employed by the legitimate company.
  • Hiding ownership: Ownership of the website was concealed behind privacy protection services.
  • Lacking genuine trading features: Beyond data harvesting, the site had no real trading interface or services.
  • Deception over transparency: The website’s primary strategy was to deceive users rather than be transparent about its true purpose.

These strategies should serve as red flags for consumers, helping them identify and avoid cryptocurrency-related phishing and investment scams online.

How to Protect Yourself

To protect yourself from phishing risks and distinguish legitimate opportunities from fraudulent schemes, consider the following precautions:

  • Be skeptical of unsolicited contact: If you receive unsolicited messages via text or email regarding your assets, exercise caution.
  • Access official platforms directly: Visit websites through bookmarks or by typing in the address manually, rather than clicking on links in messages.
  • Verify information on the official website: Check a company’s official website for announcements and important information.
  • Double-check URLs: Ensure that website URLs match the company’s trademarks without typos or added keywords.
  • Report suspicious activity: If you suspect a scam, report it to authorities such as the FTC and SEC immediately.
  • Educate others: Spread awareness of changing scam techniques to help protect your community.
  • Use security best practices: Employ strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever possible.

Staying vigilant against deception tactics can protect your personal details and financial investments, especially in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry. Proper caution is essential to safeguard both your investments and your identity online.


After a thorough examination of the complaints and analysis related to, it becomes evident that this website is a cryptocurrency phishing scheme preying on unsuspecting Gemini users. The website’s design, activity patterns, and behavior all align with the telltale signs of fraudulent impersonation that have been observed in previous cryptocurrency scams. By understanding the characteristics of these threats and following the recommended safety measures, the crypto community is better equipped to navigate and avoid related risks as new waves of deception emerge. Ongoing vigilance is crucial in maintaining security and integrity in this innovative, yet sometimes perilous, industry.

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