rg visa services reviews: is rgvisaservices.com legit or not?

Is RG Visa Services Legit? Getting the Facts About Their Immigration Services

As one of the top immigration consultancies in Dubai and the Philippines, RG Visa Services works with clients from all over the world . However, when dealing with something as important as immigration, it’s only natural to have some questions ❓ about whether a company can truly be trusted.

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In this in-depth blog post, we’ll take a look behind the scenes at RG Visa Services to separate fact from fiction and help you understand if they are a legitimate immigration consulting firm ‍. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge to feel confident that your visa and immigration needs are in good hands.

A Reputable Company With Years of Experience

RG Visa Services was established in 2012 with a mission to make the immigration process as simple and stress-free as possible for people relocating abroad. Through dedication and hard work, they’ve helped thousands of clients achieve their dreams of study, work and residency in destinations like Canada, the UK, Australia and more.

Over the past decade, RG Visa Services has expanded rapidly to accommodate growing demand. They now have offices in both Dubai and Manila, allowing them to serve clients from all corners of the globe. The company is licensed and registered to provide immigration services legally in the UAE and Philippines.

Accreditations and Qualified Consultants

All immigration consultants who work with RG Visa Services are fully qualified and experienced professionals. They undergo rigorous training and continue their education through industry seminars and certifications. Some accreditations held by RG Visa Services staff include:

  • Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant (CCIC)
  • Registered Migration Agent Australia (RMIT)
  • UK Accredited Immigration Advisor
Certification Required Education/Experience Valid In
CCIC 1 year Canadian immigration experience Canada
RMIT Diploma or higher qualification Australia
UK Immigration Advisor Diploma or higher qualification UK

This ensures clients always receive expert advice tailored specifically to their personal immigration goals and situation ‍⚖️.

more information about the services offered by RG Visa Services?

A Full Range of Immigration Services

RG Visa Services offers end-to-end assistance with all types of visa and immigration processes. Some of their core services include:

Visitor/Tourist Visas

They can help process visitor visas for travel and tourism to destinations like Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. This allows clients to obtain the proper authorization for short-term visits.

Work Visas

Whether you need temporary working holiday visas or permanent employment sponsorships, their consultants are experts in navigating different country’s work permit requirements and applications.

Student Visas

Applying for study permits and maintaining international student status is a complex process. RG Visa Services guides applicants of all education levels with student visa paperwork, document verification and more.

Spouse Visas

Sponsoring a spouse, fiancé(e), or dependent family members also requires fulfilling intricate eligibility conditions. They offer spousal visa services tailored for each client’s partner accompanying needs.

Residency and Citizenship

For clients seeking permanent residency or citizenship after many years abroad, RG Visa Services handles all paperwork and fees for the path to PR and passport applications.

Visa Renewals and Extensions

Once in the destination country, they continue helping with expected procedures like renewals, status changes or extensions for evolving circumstances.

By utilizing RG Visa Services’ comprehensive offerings, clients have full-service guidance at every immigration stage. They address all gateway approvals and compliance requirements for a given target location.

What are the fees associated with RG Visa Services’ services?

Transparent and Upfront Pricing

RG Visa Services is committed to pricing transparency so clients know exactly what to budget from the start. While fees vary depending on the type of visa or immigration application, generally here is their pricing structure:

Consultation Fees

Initial case assessment and consultation – $100-200

This covers the first meeting to review documents, take instructions and provide a tailored service quote.

Standard Visa Application Fees

Work/Employment Visas – $800-1500
Study Visas – $600-1000
Visitor/Tourist Visas – $400-800
Spouse/Partner Visas – $1000-1800

Fees include consultation, application forms preparation, document notarization and submission to the relevant immigration office.

Expedited Processing Fees

An additional $200-500 may apply for rushing certain applications or visas within a shorter timeframe than standard processing windows.

Retainer Fees

Complex cases requiring ongoing assistance after arrival may require a retainer ranging from $500-1000 for services like visa renewals, extensions or change of status applications.

All fees are provided upfront and they do not charge any contingencies, commissions or hidden costs. Payment options include bank transfer, PayPal and major credit cards. They also offer discounts for family visas.


In this comprehensive blog post, we’ve examined RG Visa Services from multiple perspectives – their experience and credentials, the types of services offered, standard fees, and more. The goal was to determine whether they can truly be considered a legitimate and trustworthy immigration consulting organization.

After this in-depth analysis, it’s clear that RG Visa Services has established itself as one of the leading visa and immigration service providers in the regions they operate in. With nearly a decade of success stories behind them, a talented team of accredited agents, and a commitment to transparently handled processes every step of the way, they have built a strong foundation of reliability, expertise and results.

While immigration is always a complex endeavor with uncertainties, RG Visa Services takes the headache out of the application maze. Clients can feel confident having their case managed by a real professional outfit following all pertinent regulations. Through tailoring precise solutions and continuing support, they achieve high approval rates for visa, PR and citizenship goals.

If you’re looking for an immigration consultant you can trust to guide you to your dream destination, there’s no doubt RG Visa Services delivers the full legitimate service package . Their proven track record and quality of assistance make them a top choice well worth considering .

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