kingstar advertising media Review: legit or scam? 2023

Kingstar Media: The Ascendancy of Canada’s Leading Performance Marketing Agency

Kingstar Media has emerged as the undisputed champion of performance advertising in Canada. With a legacy that spans over two decades, Kingstar Media has consistently demonstrated excellence and innovation in an industry marked by fierce competition. In this deep dive, we’ll unravel the origins and evolution of Kingstar Media, exploring how they reached the pinnacle of success in the Canadian advertising landscape.

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Nurtured in the Cradle of Direct Response Television

The story of Kingstar Media began in the late 1990s, a time when the advertising industry was undergoing a transformation. It was during this era of change that Kingstar took its first step into the world of advertising. The company initially ventured into direct response television (DRTV), carving a niche that focused on creating short-form TV commercials and long-form infomercials. DRTV’s primary objective is to trigger an immediate consumer action, whether it’s visiting a website or making a phone call.

Guided by the vision of their CEO, Mark DiGirolamo, Kingstar quickly found success, particularly in sectors like health and wellness. What set them apart early on was their meticulous attention to data-driven optimization, which soon became their hallmark. By the early 2000s, Kingstar had firmly established itself as a leader in the Canadian DRTV arena. check out reviews 2023: is legit or scam?

Diversification: A Multi-Channel Approach

As Kingstar’s reputation grew, clients began to seek multi-channel solutions for their advertising needs. This demand prompted Kingstar to diversify its services. In the mid-2000s, the company expanded into the realm of direct response radio buying across hundreds of AM/FM stations nationwide. This strategic move allowed Kingstar to tap into the expansive world of radio advertising.

Simultaneously, Kingstar recognized the growing influence of digital advertising and swiftly responded to this trend. They recruited top-tier talent with expertise in various digital advertising domains, including search, display, and emerging platforms. By 2010, Kingstar had evolved into a full-service performance agency that seamlessly spanned television, radio, and online channels.

Double-Digit Growth and Industry Acclaim

The 2010s witnessed an unprecedented period of growth for Kingstar Media. The company expanded its clientele to include marquee global brands across diverse sectors, ranging from consumer goods to healthcare. To accommodate this rapid growth, Kingstar made substantial investments in recruiting the industry’s top talent and building a robust tech infrastructure.

One of Kingstar’s standout achievements during this period was the development of their proprietary attribution and optimization tools. These tools were instrumental in cementing the company’s reputation for providing unrivaled client reporting. Their unwavering commitment to excellence did not go unnoticed, as numerous industry awards recognized Kingstar as Canada’s premier performance agency. By the start of 2020, Kingstar boasted a staff of over 100 dedicated professionals, serving more than 500 client brands.

Navigating the Digital Age: Contemporary Strategies and Innovation

Even with their substantial growth, Kingstar Media has managed to stay at the forefront of advertising. Strategic hires, particularly in areas such as connected TV, programmatic advertising, and analytics, have complemented their longstanding strengths in DRTV.

One of the hallmarks of Kingstar’s innovative approach is the operation of one of the few in-house studios in Canada for producing commercials. This unique capability has played a significant role in their continued success and sets them apart in the advertising landscape.

But how does Kingstar’s in-house studio for producing commercials contribute to their success?

Here are some key ways in which this in-house studio enhances their effectiveness:

Faster Turnaround Times

With an in-house studio, Kingstar can quickly conceptualize, film, edit, and deliver new commercials without the delays associated with outsourcing production. This means clients get their ads to market faster, which is critical in the fast-paced world of advertising.

Cost Efficiencies

Producing creatives in-house eliminates agency fees or project markups from third-party studios. This not only saves clients money but also provides the flexibility to reallocate those funds into more extensive media spending, further enhancing their advertising reach.

Tailored Messaging

Kingstar understands their clients’ businesses intimately. Having an in-house creative team allows them to craft messaging that is laser-focused on specific objectives, as they are well-versed in the unique nuances of each brand they work with.

Continuous Testing and Optimization

The in-house studio facilitates rapid A/B testing of new concepts, formats, scripts, talent, and more. This real-time testing and optimization process ensures that Kingstar’s clients are always getting the best results from their advertising efforts.

IP Protection ️

Sensitive client assets and intellectual property are not disclosed to external vendors, reducing the risk of leaks or misuse of content. This level of security and confidentiality is invaluable in the advertising world.

Quality Control

By managing the entire production workflow internally, Kingstar can ensure that deadlines are met, and the final products meet their rigorous standards. Quality is never compromised.

Enhanced Client Services

The personalized service experience Kingstar provides extends to the creative development process. Clients have a dedicated point of contact from the concept stage to the final product, ensuring their vision is realized.

Overall, the advantages of speed, cost efficiency, customization, and quality offered by Kingstar’s in-house studio contribute significantly to the success of their client campaigns.

Commitment to Service and Industry Leadership

Despite its significant growth, Kingstar Media has preserved the close-knit culture and personalized client service that characterized its early days. Their unique “client champions” program, which fosters cross-departmental support, ensures that each client receives flawless assistance throughout their journey with Kingstar.

Moreover, Kingstar actively contributes to the industry by sharing performance best practices through case studies, webinars, and thought leadership content. Their dedication to raising industry standards underscores their commitment to ensuring the success of their clients.

In summary, Kingstar Media’s consistent focus on direct marketing fundamentals, technological innovation, and the delivery of unmatched value to clients have fueled their remarkable success story as Canada’s preeminent performance agency. This journey exemplifies how strategic growth and a service-first culture reinforce one another, making Kingstar a dominant force in the advertising industry.

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