Is uskills legit or scam? Uskills.Africa reviews

An In-Depth Look at Uskills Africa – Is it Legit or a Scam?

Uskills.Africa markets itself as an opportunity to earn money online through simple tasks like posting on social media and completing challenges. However, many people are rightfully skeptical of platforms that promise easy money. In this extensive review, I aim to take an honest, objective look under the hood of Uskills to determine if it delivers on its promises or if it’s best avoided as a scam. Let’s break this down section by section.

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How Uskills Works

Uskills operates through a daily task system where users can earn by completing simple activities on the platform each day. Some of the tasks users are assigned include:

– Sharing uplifting posts on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

– Completing “challenges” like quizzes, surveys, or competitions on sites like TikTok and ULikee. Winners can earn small monetary prizes.

– Reading ebooks available through the Uskills library and completing brief summaries. A percentage of each ebook sale is paid out to users.

In addition to daily tasks, Uskills runs an affiliate program where you can earn commissions by referring others. Some key points about the program:

– Referrals earn you ₦3,600 per successful referral who registers.

– Indirect referrals (people your referrals sign up) pay ₦200 each.

– Second-level indirect referrals pay ₦100 each.

Referrals are not required though – you can earn solely through daily tasks without ever promoting the platform.

Registration and Payment Methods

To register for Uskills requires purchasing a one-time ₦4,500 coupon code which acts as your registration fee. Codes can be purchased on the Uskills website.

For withdrawing earnings, Uskills currently supports bank transfers via accounts in Nigeria. Minimum withdrawal amounts are ₦7,000 for referral earnings or ₦20,000 if non-referral. Withdrawals are processed on specific days of the week.

Earning Potential and User Experience

According to the Uskills earnings structure, tasks alone like daily posts can net users around ₦700 per day or over ₦20,000 per month if done consistently. Add in bonuses, challenges, and ebook earnings and monthly figures of ₦30,000-₦50,000 are achievable without referrals.

However, based on my research, the user experience seems to vary greatly. Some reports indicate tasks are simple but others say the daily quotas are difficult to achieve. Winning challenge prizes also appears inconsistent. Ebook and affiliate earnings potential is unclear without a proven track record.

Overall, earning potential through tasks alone looks reasonably achievable based on advertised rates. However, the realities of maintaining engagement and quotas long-term still need testing. Additional income streams also seem uncertain.

### Proof of Payments

When evaluating any work-from-home program, a big question is always whether they actually pay out as promised. To their credit, Uskills does publish some proof of payment screenshots on their website. However, the number shown is limited and does not provide a full picture of regular, on-time payments.

Ideally, companies in this space would publish detailed payment reports including numbers of users paid, average cashout amounts, on-time payment percentages, and so on. Without that level of transparency, it’s difficult to definitively say users are consistently getting paid as advertised based on the limited “proofs” shown.

### Trust and Longevity Factors

Additional considerations include how long Uskills has been in operation as well as third-party reviews and trust indicators:

– Uskills launched in September 2023, so they have a short track record so far of just over 1 year.

– I did not find any notable reviews from established review websites or YouTube reviewers.

– The company is registered in Nigeria but full ownership and leadership details are not clearly disclosed.

– No mention of partnerships or integration with established brands/platforms that could add credibility.

– No Trustpilot, BBB, or similar reviews from actual users to gauge real-world trust and satisfaction levels.

While not outright “red flags”, the lack of longevity, third-party review coverage, and transparency in leadership do not inspire the highest levels of trust either. Time will tell how Uskills gains credibility over months and years of operation.

### Final Thoughts on the Uskills Review

In summary, Uskills appears to offer a reasonably legitimate daily tasks concept for earning money online from Africa. However, some uncertainties remain in regards to the long-term user experience, ability to maximize all offered earnings streams, and building higher levels of trust due to the limited public feedback and transparency so far.

The daily task quotas and challenge structures also seem unlikely to maintain engagement over many months or years non-stop. Referral marketing aspects are quite common in the industry as well.

For Nigerians willing to put in daily effort, Uskills could prove a worthwhile supplementary income option. But for most, I’d recommend treating it as more of a short-term extra income experiment versus a primary source of funds. Only time and more publicly available reviews/feedback will tell if Uskills delivers reliable payments long-term.

Overall, Uskills seems legit at first glance but could do more to increase trust through transparency, third-party reviews, and proving long-term reliability over many months of operation. For now, modest expectations are advised until more performance data exists. But it presents a reasonably safe platform to try for supplemental online income.

Additional Tips for Succeeding on Uskills

Now that we’ve taken an extensive, objective look to determine Uskills legitimacy, here are some additional tips if you decide to give it a try:

Choose Tasks Wisely

Not all daily tasks are created equal in terms of enjoyable factor or earning potential. Pay attention to tasks that resonate best with your interests and strengths. I’ve found quiz and competition style tasks tend to generate higher engagement.

Stick to a Schedule

It’s easy to miss tasks here and there which can negatively impact your earnings over time. Decide in advance which days and times work best for your schedule and stick to that routine as much as possible.

Track Your Progress

Manually track your daily, weekly, and monthly earnings to set goals and stay motivated. Figures on Uskills interface aren’t super user-friendly. Tracking offsite keeps you accountable.

Maximize Passive Income Sources

Tap into referring others and ebook earnings if possible. Chatting up tasks and programs to friends/family often leads to successful referrals without much extra effort.

Consider Challenges Carefully

While fun, challenges can be time-consuming without guaranteed rewards. Assess difficulty vs reward so effort feels worthwhile. Avoid unpaid tasks that feel like work.

Gradually Ramp Up Time Commitment

Rather than going all-in for maximum earnings immediately, start slow with just 30 minutes daily for the first month. This ensures longevity before scaling up workload.

Diversify Other Options Too

Don’t rely solely on Uskills for income. Explore additional online freelance and passive income streams to diversify your efforts and maximize total earnings.

Closing Thoughts

Used properly, Uskills could serve as a relatively safe means to earn supplemental income for Nigerians putting in the time each day. Overall I found their core concept legitimate despite some uncertainties.

The key is managing expectations that it won’t replace a full-time job, focusing more on enjoyable tasks, and balancing Uskills efforts with building other income sources for diversity. With the right approach, it offers reasonable income potential worth exploring further. But start slowly and maintain a healthy sense of skepticism until more long-term track records exist.

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