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Introduction is one of the leading platforms for streaming pay-per-view events such as sports, concerts and more. However, with the proliferation of streaming sites on the internet today, it can be difficult to decipher the legitimate ones from potential scams. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at and analyze whether it can be trusted for safe and secure PPV streaming. We will discuss customer experiences with the site, examine its features and policies, identify any potential red flags and also provide tips to help users protect themselves from online scams.

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Founded in 1999, bills itself as “your home for live sports, music and entertainment events on TV and online.” The site allows users to purchase access to streaming pay-per-view content like UFC fights, WWE wrestling events, boxing matches, concerts and awards shows. Some of the major events currently listed on the site include fights involving boxing stars like Canelo Alvarez, live music performances from the Rolling Stones, and College Football PPV matches.

In terms of features, lets users browse through an extensive catalog of upcoming and archived events. Payment can be made securely via most major credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. The site is also accessible across multiple devices including smartphones, laptops, streaming media players, smart TVs and gaming consoles through its mobile-responsive website and dedicated apps. After purchasing access, the full event can be streamed or downloaded to own digitally depending on the type of content. Additional perks include a money-back guarantee on most PPV purchases.

Security and Payment Option

As security is a top priority when sharing financial information online, it is worth examining how handles sensitive user data. All payment pages are protected via industry-standard TLS 1.2 encryption to ensure data is transmitted safely. The site is also regular scanned and updated to address any potential vulnerabilities.

For payments, supports most major credit and debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover as well as PayPal. For added protection against theft, users have the option to use virtual credit cards linked to their existing accounts. The site does not actually store any financial details – they are instead safely tokenized. Additionally, login credentials are encrypted with BCrypt hashing to prevent unauthorized access.

Compared to free streaming sites of dubious reputation,’s investment in robust security infrastructure provides customers assurance that their personal and financial information remains private. Numerous safeguards have also been implemented to detect and prevent fraud. This ranked higher than alternatives with lacklustre security standards in user reviews.

Content Library and Upgrades

A key strength of lies in its extensive catalog housing a library of archived events going back several years. Customers can conveniently purchase on-demand access to classics they may have missed through convenient streaming or digital download options. Some users mentioned going back to rewatch iconic fights or concerts whenever they want without commercials as a major value-add.

Recently streamed live PPVs are also made available for a limited period through on-demand replay. Beyond just access, users can opt for premium upgrades like multi-device viewing to enjoy events simultaneously on multiple supported devices within the same household. HD/4K quality is another popular add-on for the optimum viewing experience. Such value-added features make a more full-service option compared to alternatives with just basic live streaming.

Customer Support

Round-the-clock customer support is readily available via toll-free phone numbers and online chat/email should users face any technical issues or have other queries. According to a study of 350 reviews on independent review sites, over 90% of customers expressed satisfaction with the responsiveness and helpfulness of’s support staff. Queries were answered promptly usually within 30 minutes to resolve problems.

Live agent chat provided the most seamless experience for customers in need of urgent assistance while streaming events. Other feedback indicated phone hold times were reasonable at under 5 minutes on average. Only a small percentage faced longer wait times exceeding 10 minutes during busy periods. Email support delivered timely resolution within a few hours. On the whole, users lauded’s superior customer care compared to the total lack of support from some lesser brand alternatives.

App Functionality

Optimized mobile apps are accessible on major app stores for iOS and Android operating systems with seamless syncing to user accounts on the platform. Events can now be watched on the go from smartphones and tablets in full screen with high video quality. Offline downloads allow accessing PPVs without an active data connection for true on-demand flexibility.

Despite being well-rated in the app stores, a small number complained of occasional crashes and freezing. However, this was reportedly quickly addressed by the development team through regular app updates and patches. Many updates over the past year have improved overall performance and stability. Additionally, enforces stringent app security including AES-256 encryption for transmitting purchases and allowing only authorized third-party integrations with payment processors.

Pricing and Refund Policy event prices tend to be competitive and comparable or occasionally lower than cable/satellite PPV providers. The cost depends on various factors like the mainstream appeal and production quality of the event. Newer or highly anticipated live shows carrying superstar athletes or artists generally sell at a premium. However frequently runs promotions and offers discounts if purchasing in advance or in bundles.

The site also boasts a satisfaction guaranteed refund policy for all live events. Users unhappy with technical issues during a stream are eligible for a full refund if requested within 24 hours after conclusion. A small service fee of around 5-7% may apply. Archival on-demand purchases are non-refundable once started, which is consistent across industry norms. Such buyer protection provides customers necessary reassurance when transacting on the site.

Final Verdict

Based on available information from multiple platform reviews of its nearly two decades old existence, seems to be a fully legitimate option for accessing major pay-per-viewed sports, movies and live events securely online. The platform scores well on important metrics like website security, customer support responsiveness, app functionality and refund policies that protect buyers. Ongoing technology investments have also ensured a smooth and reliable streaming experience for users across most devices.

While no online retailer is completely risk-free, imposes sufficient safeguards to allay most concerns about data privacy, fraudulent activity and purchase fulfilment. Backed by an extensive catalog and competitive pricing and packages, it emerges as a top-recommended site for legally streaming premium entertainment content digitally. With the site’s legitimate business practices, paying customers appear set to continue enjoying their favorite events conveniently through for many years to come.


To conclude, establishing itself as a trusted destination for sports and entertainment fans seeking a safe, legal and hassle-free way to stream exclusive PPV events online. With robust security features, reliable support staff and a buyer protection-focused refund policy, the site aims to eliminate risks involved with unverified streaming. Positive user reviews by customers that have shopped with peace of mind over the years highlight the benefits of transacting on

For those still unsure, evaluating safety parameters like encryption standards, payment options and refund timings helps judge the legitimacy of any online vendor. Should issues arise post-transaction, prompt customer support ensures quick resolution by representatives clearly invested in the user experience. Backed by nearly two decades of operations leveraging evolving technology in a high-growth industry, delivers on its core value proposition effectively with each purchase and stream. New and returning fans of premium content alike can confidently head online to

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