is legion kick legit or scam? review & complaints 2023

Is Legit or a Scam? A Deep Dive Review is an online retailer that claims to offer a wide range of apparel and sneaker brands. While this may sound appealing, it’s essential to examine the website closely and take into account the findings from ScamAdviser. This review aims to shed light on whether is a trustworthy online store or a potential scam that should be approached with caution.

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Website Review Findings Raise Suspicion

Before reaching a final conclusion, let’s analyze some key findings from ScamAdviser’s review of Legionkick:

Anonymous Website Owner

One of the concerning aspects is that the owner’s contact details are kept private in the WHOIS registration. Transparency is a hallmark of legitimate businesses, and the absence of this information raises suspicions.

New Domain Registration

Legionkick’s domain was registered just 10 months ago, making it a relatively new entrant in the online retail space. Newer websites often warrant additional scrutiny compared to well-established brands.

Few Website Visitors

ScamAdviser’s low Tranco traffic ranking for Legionkick suggests that the site lacks significant organic traffic. A limited audience size can indicate a lack of trust and credibility.

Ties to Suspicious Domains

It’s worth noting that the same registrar that manages Legionkick’s domain also handles domains with low review scores, potentially indicating connections to fraudulent operations.

Negative Customer Reviews

Existing customer reviews are overwhelmingly negative, with reports of receiving fake products or being scammed after purchases. Genuine customer feedback plays a vital role in building trust, and Legionkick’s reviews do the opposite.

The combination of these findings has led ScamAdviser to assign Legionkick a “slightly low trust score.” While this score doesn’t definitively label the site as a scam, it does indicate a need for further investigation.

Domain and Website Registration Details Raise Doubts

Digging deeper into the technical details, Legionkick’s domain registration raises significant concerns:

Private Domain Registration

The domain was privately registered through Namecheap, using a domain proxy service to conceal contact details. Legitimate businesses typically have no reason to hide ownership information.

Lack of Licensing Evidence

Despite claiming to represent well-known apparel and footwear brands like Nike and Jordan, Legionkick does not provide evidence of authentic licensing or partnerships with these major companies. Misuse of intellectual property is a common tactic employed by fraudsters.

Absence of Company Information

No physical address, phone number, email addresses, or other basic company information can be found on Legionkick’s website or in its WHOIS registration. Transparency is a fundamental aspect of trust-building for genuine businesses.

Recent Domain Registration

The WHOIS data reveals that the domain was registered just 10 months ago. In the context of online retail, such a short lifespan raises serious questions about the site’s legitimacy when compared to well-established retailers.

Unverifiable Business Records

Despite hosting its server through Amazon and utilizing Cloudflare, there are no official business records that match Legionkick’s domain to any credible company. This suggests that the site may serve as a front for illegitimate activities.

In sum, the tactics employed in the domain registration and the absence of verifiable company details strongly point to Legionkick as a potential fraudulent venture rather than a legitimate online store. The technical clues do not align with what is expected of a bona fide business.

Analyzing Site Structure and Functionality

Now, let’s take a closer look at Legionkick’s website structure and functionality:

Lack of Company Information

The homepage features attractive images of popular shoe and apparel brands but provides no genuine company information. This is a common tactic used by scammers to lure customers in.

Incomplete Product Listings

When exploring the products for sale, one can observe a lack of detailed images and specifications. Stock photos are often used to avoid authenticity checks.

Non-Functional Shopping Features

The “Add to cart” and “checkout” buttons do not lead anywhere; they only display placeholder text. This implies that the site has no genuine inventory available for purchase.

Absence of Standard Company Pages

No physical store locations, customer support channels like phone or live chat, or other standard company pages can be found. Scammers often minimize points of engagement to avoid accountability.

Hidden Redirection Tags

The HTML source code contains hidden redirection tags that point users to other domains like This network of connected “stores” is a telltale sign of fraudulent activity.

Slow Website Speed

ScamAdviser rates the website’s speed as “slow” due to its simple template-based design with no real e-commerce functionality. Fake sites tend to prioritize aesthetics over usability.

Lack of SSL Certificate

The site does not properly implement an SSL certificate to encrypt sensitive account and payment information submitted during the checkout process. This exposes users to security risks.

In summary, Legionkick’s website design and features strongly indicate that it is nothing more than a hollow quasi-storefront with no genuine e-commerce intentions. The technical analysis confirms that this is likely a ploy to collect personal and financial information under false pretenses through an attractive online facade with no authentic commercial functionality.

Trust Indicators and Risk Factors

To conclude, let’s consider Legionkick against standard trust indicators and risk factors:

Domain Age

As previously noted, Legionkick’s domain was registered just 10 months ago, a stark contrast to legitimate companies with a long history of operation.

Customer Reviews

The limited feedback found is unanimously negative, with reports of receiving fake items and suspicions of scams. Genuine reviews play a critical role in building trust over time.

Social Proof

Legionkick lacks essential confidence-inspiring indicators like customer testimonials due to the absence of a real business providing support or references.

Contact Information

The absence of any address, phone numbers, emails, or live customer support is a red flag that the operators aim to avoid accountability. Open communication is essential for building trust.

Return Policy

The lack of a stated return policy is a common tactic among scammers to minimize potential losses from fraudulent transactions being reversed.

Product Variety

Legionkick only displays lifestyle brand images without providing unique, quality product listings at various price points. This is necessary to sustain a storefront long-term.

Payment Security

The lack of an SSL certificate endangers data submitted through fake checkouts engineered to steal financial details, such as card numbers entered “for verification.”

When weighing all the available evidence, it becomes clear that falls short in each trust factor and exhibits numerous risk signs that strongly suggest a deceptive online scam operation rather than an authentic brand or retailer. Proper due diligence strongly advises against interacting with this suspected fraudulent venture.

Conclusion – Is Likely a Scam to Avoid

In summary, the cumulative findings from ScamAdviser’s review, extensive domain history screening, technical website analysis, and evaluation against crucial legitimacy indicators indicate that should be regarded as an illegitimate and unsafe site for conducting business.

The preponderance of evidence strongly suggests that this “storefront” has been intentionally established by unscrupulous operators with the sole aim of collecting individuals’ private information under false pretenses. It does so through an enticing online façade with no authentic commercial substance. Numerous deception red flags are present, and not a single authenticating factor offers consumers any reasonable confidence that they won’t fall victim to fraud or identity theft if they engage with Legionkick’s infrastructure and sham sales operations.

Based on the available facts, the prudent decision is to steer clear of this suspicious domain to avoid potential financial losses and the compromise of personal data. Always exercise due diligence when shopping online from unfamiliar sellers to avoid common scams that ensnare unsuspecting customers.

In a world where ample resources for scrupulous research, such as ScamAdviser, are readily available, there is no excuse for not thoroughly vetting websites before engaging with them. Being informed is the key to avoiding internet fraud.

To conclude, this comprehensive review suggests that exhibits all the characteristics of an illegitimate scam masquerading as an online retailer, lacking any genuine substance. It is not recommended for engagement and should be entirely avoided for safety’s sake. Stay vigilant and informed to protect yourself from potential online scams. reviews: is hayderbit legit or scam?

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