Is fab over 40 contest legit or scam? reviews 2023

Understanding the VoteFab40 Contest: Empowering Women Over 40

The VoteFab40 online beauty pageant is a unique platform designed to empower women over the age of 40 by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents and win exciting prizes. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into every aspect of the contest, from eligibility and registration to the competition format and potential red flags. We’ll also analyze whether VoteFab40 is a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam, all while keeping SEO best practices in mind.

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A Brief Introduction to VoteFab40

Founded in 2021 by Fab Over 40, VoteFab40 is an online beauty pageant that stands out for its mission to celebrate the beauty and accomplishments of mature women. Unlike traditional pageants, VoteFab40 eliminates geographic barriers, allowing women from all corners of the United States to participate. This contest is made possible through the sponsorship of well-known brands such as TestTube and MDSKIN Lounge. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that VoteFab40 is not just about competition; it also serves a greater purpose. A portion of the proceeds from the contest supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation, adding a charitable dimension to the event.

While the intention behind VoteFab40 is certainly commendable, anyone considering participation should conduct thorough research to ensure it’s a legitimate opportunity. In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at the contest’s eligibility criteria, registration process, competition format, and prizes to help you make an informed decision.

Eligibility and Registration Process

VoteFab40 is open to any woman over the age of 40 who resides in the United States. The registration process is straightforward and user-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of potential contestants. Here’s a breakdown of the registration process:

  1. Visit the official VoteFab40 website.
  2. Click on the “Are You Fab Over 40?” button to access the application form.
  3. Provide basic contact details, including your name, email, and phone number.
  4. Upload a clear face photo, which is a key part of your profile.
  5. Optionally, you can provide your social media handles, which can be beneficial for campaigning.
  6. Write a brief self-introduction of 140 characters or less to highlight what makes you fabulous.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your registration is submitted, and the best part is that there are no fees involved. The simplicity of the registration process ensures that a wide range of women can potentially participate, making it an inclusive opportunity.

Competition Format and Prize Overview

VoteFab40 operates in multiple rounds that span several weeks. The progression of contestants to the next stages is determined by public voting. Members of the public can purchase votes online to support their favorite participants, creating an engaging and interactive aspect of the contest.

The grand prize for the overall winner is an impressive package worth $40,000, which includes a cash prize, a feature in NewBeauty magazine, and a spa trip. Additionally, other prizes are often awarded to top vote-getters at different rounds of the competition.

While this format allows individuals with strong local support to have an advantage, it also means that the competition relies heavily on marketing and campaigning skills rather than just physical attributes or personal qualities.

Analyzing Potential Red Flags

Given that VoteFab40 is a relatively new contest that was launched in mid-2021, there are some aspects that might raise concerns:

  • New Domain: The domain was registered just a few months before the first contest, in May 2021. New websites often carry more risks.
  • Sparse Online Presence: Although the contest is active on social media, both the organizing team and associated companies lack a substantial previous track record or portfolio that would establish their trustworthiness.
  • For-Profit Nature: It’s important to recognize that VoteFab40 is a for-profit venture, which means there are financial motivations beyond empowerment. Transparency regarding how funding is allocated and whether winners receive their prizes is crucial.
  • No External Verification: Since VoteFab40 relies on self-reported information, there is no independent third party verifying details such as prize payouts or whether the proceeds genuinely benefit the claimed charities.

However, it’s essential to approach new opportunities with caution without immediately dismissing them. Let’s explore the factors that suggest VoteFab40 is striving for legitimacy.

Factors In Favor of Legitimacy

  • Charitable Partner: Collaborating with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a reputable nonprofit organization, adds credibility to VoteFab40’s claim of supporting charitable causes.
  • Social Proof: The contest has grown organically on social networks, amassing a sizable follower base. Engaged supporters provide a level of vetting and authenticity.
  • Testimonials: Several participants have openly shared their positive experiences with the registration and campaigning process, offering a degree of reassurance.
  • Media Attention: Local news outlets and magazines have covered the contest, corroborating that the events have occurred as described.
  • Legal Obligations: As a business operating publicly in the United States, VoteFab40 is subject to regulations that prevent outright deceptive practices, offering a layer of accountability.
  • Adaptability: The organizers actively respond to feedback and make iterative improvements to address initial concerns voiced by enthusiasts.

Taking these factors into account, it’s reasonable to conclude that VoteFab40 appears to be a legitimate platform that provides the opportunities and experiences it advertises, based on the available information. However, credibility is likely to strengthen over time as more contests are held, and transparent reporting is shared. Until then, it’s advisable to maintain cautious optimism and engage in responsible personal risk assessment.

Participation Risk Assessment

For potential contestants, it’s crucial to assess the risks and benefits of participating in VoteFab40. Let’s take a closer look at both sides of the equation:


  • Scam Allegations: There is a risk that allegations of scams or fraudulent activities could harm personal reputations, especially if participants invest significant time and effort.
  • Investment vs. Rewards: Time and money invested in campaigning may not necessarily lead to real rewards, as the competition is heavily influenced by marketing and campaigning efforts.
  • Unforeseen Circumstances: Health or financial issues could potentially prevent participants from completing the full contest or fulfilling commitments.
  • Platform Reliability: There’s always a risk that the platform could cease operations before the contest’s conclusion or fail to pay out prizes as promised.


  • Exposure and Reach: Participation in the contest offers exposure through the contest and supporters reached, potentially leading to increased visibility and opportunities.
  • Personal Growth: Contestants gain valuable experience in building confidence, public speaking, and campaigning.
  • Fulfillment: For those who are passionate about the cause, participating in VoteFab40 can be personally fulfilling, as it aligns with positive themes and charitable support.
  • Prizes and Recognition: There is real potential to win substantial prizes or gain recognition, especially for contestants with strong support bases.
  • Supporting a Charitable Cause: By participating, individuals actively support an important charitable cause, which can be a deeply rewarding experience.

Most of the risks associated with participating in VoteFab40 are relatively low-impact and can be mitigated with prudent time and budget management. Moreover, the evolving nature of the platform suggests that some flexibility can be expected. Overall, for the right candidates—those who are passionate and well-prepared—the potential rewards can outweigh the costs. However, it’s crucial to proceed carefully and avoid investing beyond what is affordable.


In conclusion, while new platforms often come with uncertainties, VoteFab40 appears to offer a legitimate opportunity for empowering mature women based on the analysis conducted. By taking sensible precautions and not overcommitting, individuals who are interested and passionate stand to gain a great deal from participating in this positively-themed contest.

Furthermore, the organizers demonstrate a commitment to addressing concerns proactively, which bodes well for building long-term credibility and community trust. With time, as more contests are held, and transparent reporting is shared, confidence in the integrity of VoteFab40 is likely to strengthen. Until then, maintaining cautious optimism while engaging in responsible personal risk assessment is a prudent approach.

For those who wish to support women or get involved in a smaller capacity, following and cheering on participants can contribute to spreading positivity. Initiatives like VoteFab40 that celebrate the inherent beauty, potential, and contributions of women throughout life’s various chapters certainly deserve encouragement.

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